Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Please note that Carolina Springs Academy, the program that harmed my daughter and defrauded us, has had their license revoked this month. They have recently changed their name to Magnolia Hills Christian. It is believed the staff will remain and I believe nothing will change except the name. Falling under a Christian/Religious umbrella may not require them to meet the same regulations a traditional accredited school or program would meet.

The irony of this change is when my daughter asked for her Bible at Carolina Springs Academy, they took it from her – and she got demerits. They were not allowed Bible Study or to have any Bibles.
She prayed every night that she wouldn’t wake up – it was that bad. She was cautious not to be caught praying since that would have been a demerit, too. Our story is published in Wit’s End (Health Communications, Inc. July 2008) or you can read A Parent’s True Story.

The marketers (Teen Help, Lisa Irvin, Help My Teen, Jane Hawley, Teens in Crisis, Life Lines, etc) of these programs claim I was a disgruntled parent. Yes, when a program harms our children parents do become disgruntled.

Parents still contact me to this day letting me know about treatment their children have received. Former students also contact me with their stories. And the sad news is it’s the same treatment my daughter received 10 years ago!

Sure, maybe they’ve made a few improvements while they were under scrutiny. But the problem is the same “people” are running the program.

I defeated this organization in a jury trial – proving my story has truth – and then won an $11M judgment for Internet Defamation that I endured following my victory and their loss. My book, Google Bomb, The Untold Story of the $11.3M Verdict (Health Communications Inc. September 2009) is available now for early release.

Learn from my experiences and my mistakes – gain from my knowledge.