Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Struggling Teens?

If you are considering residential treatment for your child - be sure to read through this Blog - it will be very enligthening and help educate you on a loosely regulated industry - "teen help."

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Darrington Academy, Carolina Springs Academy, Midwest Academy, Spring Creek Lodge, Cross Creek, Red River Academy etc...

Are you considering any of the following programs for your child? Take a moment to read my experiences - as well as my book where you can hear my daughter's experiences for the first time - order today at .

Choosing a program is not only a huge emotional decision, it is a major financial decision - do your homework!

Academy of Ivy Ridge, NY (withdrew their affiliation with WWASPS)
Canyon View Park, MT
Camas Ranch, MT
Carolina Springs Academy, SC
Cross Creek Programs, UT (Cross Creek Center and Cross Creek Manor)
Darrington Academy, GA
Help My Teen, UT (Adolescent Services Adolescent Placement) Promotes and markets these programs.
Gulf Coast Academy, MS
Horizon Academy, NV
Lisa Irvin (Helpmyteen)
Lifelines Family Services, UT (Promotes and markets these programs) Jane Hawley
Majestic Ranch, UT
Midwest Academy, IA (Brian Viafanua, formerly the Director of Paradise Cove as shown on Primetime, is the current Director here)
Parent Teen Guide (Promotes and markets these programs)
Pillars of Hope, Costa Rica
Pine View Christian Academy (Borders FL, AL, MS)
Reality Trek, UT
Red River Academy, LA (Borders TX)
Royal Gorge Academy, CO
Sky View Academy, NV
Spring Creek Lodge, MT
Teen Help, UT (Promotes and markets these programs)
Teens In Crisis
Tranquility Bay, Jamaica

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sue Scheff: A Mother and Daughter's True Story of Carolina Springs Academy (WWASPS) Wit's End!

"Wit's End!" is now available with my daughter's voice finally being heard of her experiences at Carolina Springs Academy. Order today at and you will receive it shortly. "Wit's End!" will be in all book stores in July, so order the early release today!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Carolina Springs Academy - Sue Scheff - A Parent's True Story

Our story has been read by thousands of families since I posted it years ago. I have been through litigation and proved my story is our experiences. I fought back as I have been maliciously attacked online and won an unprecedented jury verdict for damages of over $11M! My daughter and I are fighters - that is how she endured Carolina Springs Academy and I endured 5 years of litigation victoriously!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Carolina Springs Academy - Teen Help - Read A Parent's True Story, by Sue Scheff

My true story is based on our experiences (my daughter and myself) with Carolina Springs Academy in Due West, SC.

It seems that Carolina Springs Academy representatives are telling parents that my story is false and I lost in a lawsuit with them.

This continues in their pattern of misrepresentation in my opinion.

I not only defeated them in a jury trial - I went on to defeat them in the Supreme Court of Appeals when they tried to appeal it!Click here for more details.Wit's End! coming soon - will give you our story, with my daughter's voice of her experiences at CSA.